New Zealand Scholarship Programme

Hōtaka Karahipi Aotearoa

Apply online for a Scholarship

Step 1

Confirm your eligibility

Before you start your application, you need to complete an online eligibility checklist.

When you successfully complete the eligibility checklist you will be given a reference number.

You will need your reference number in order to start your application form – so please make a note of it at the end of your eligibility checklist.

Step 2

Create a RealMe login

To apply for a Scholarship online you will need a RealMe login. You will use this login any time that you want to access your online Scholarship application, and can also use the same login for other New Zealand Government services – including applying for a Student Visa through Immigration NZ – if you are successful in being awarded a Scholarship.

Step 3

Register with NZ Scholarships online

The first time that you login you will also need to register with NZ Scholarships online. To do this you will need to provide us with basic details such as your name, email address and the eligibility reference number from step 1 above.

You will be taken directly to the Scholarships registration page once you have created your RealMe login.

Step 4

Complete your application

Once logged in and registered you will be able to apply for any open Scholarship intake in your country.

If an intake is not currently open for applications, you can pre-register and receive an email alert when applications open.

You can also manage your own contact details at any time, which will help us to get in touch with you regarding your application(s) if needed.

Login with RealMe

This will take you to the RealMe login service where you can login, or create a login if you don't already have one.